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New customer application

Let's help you get started becoming a new Kramer Oil customer! Please find the forms attached, for either a Personal Credit application or a Business Credit application.

Further below, you can find more of our forms and files.
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Personal Credit Application

Fill out this form if you are not a business and would like bulk delivery or a Kramer Oil fuel card.

Businesss Credit Application

Fill out this form if you would like your business to receive bulk delivery or a Kramer Oil fuel card.

Additional forms and files

Nebraska Sales Tax Exemption

Fill out this form if you're in Nebraska for Sales Tax Exemption.

Email Statement

Fill out this form if you would like to receive electronic statements via email instead of paper statements.

Electronic Funds Transfer Account Balance

Fill out this form if you would like your bank account to be electronically drafted the full amount of your Kramer Oil bill each month. It works like a check, just without the physical check.

Agricultural Exemption Certificate

Fill out this form if you purchase oil and dyed diesel for farm purposes. If we don't have a copy of your signed form on file, we are required by law to charge you tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of the frequently asked questions we get at Kramer Oil and the answers to these questions.
Are additives included in your diesel fuel?

Every drop of Kramer Oil diesel contains our PowerMax premium diesel additive which helps clean and protects your equipment. Want to see our full product line? Click here.

How quickly can I get my fuel?

We proudly offer same-day delivery on all of our fuel products and can typically get to you in less than 4 hours if needed.

What is different about your fuel company versus others?

We are a local family-owned Kansas business that is becoming a rarity in the fuel industry. This allows us to serve you in a more personal and caring way. Want to learn more about Kramer Oil? Click here.

How do I become a customer?

Fill out the online contact form or we’d be happy to talk to you over the phone at (800)489-2466.

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